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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Janice too

Of course the reason I always know Janice is by the
green knickers always round her knees or in puddles
at her feet

As for you Sophie

No more swearing in stepdads' presence
Hope that left hand of his had you yelping.
I am sure it probably did as here

Yes Louise

Hands on head and no rubbing
Looks like daddy has been at work

However here's Pandora

In a historical montage and of course her lovely
 bottom is always bared
If you look at her site and watch her video clips
you will see she can take both cane and strap
very hard indeed

She is very special to all in the spanking scene

Wow that hurt by the look of things


I know I know, bare bots

Well it isn't always appropriate and some times
instant justice is served by a well laid on strap
over her clothes by way of instant justice.
I can make it hurt just as much I can assure you

And you would all be rubbing your bots

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Yes Sophie! You had better report in

I'll be taking a slipper to those nether
cheeks my girl

From our vintage spanking trust

Cheeks needs attention to the cheeks
Disobedience needs sterner measures

As does disrespect

Ohh that strap was a stern teacher

Both together needs shame added

As they so often were in those days past

Must be Janice

How do I know ??

The settee

How often you were bent over it's back
Daddy's belt taken of and taken to your
now bared bottom

Sophie is AWOL

Come along young lady, over you bend

Saturday, 19 April 2014

A little history lesson

Should make all your grown up bums tingle

The very thought of it.
Just like a girl bent over for a good tanning

That's right brace yourself, it's going to hurt

A lovely blank canvass, soon to be painted

As for young Louise

A little reminder of that slipper
The teachers sort Louise, you know the sort like
you wore for PE

Nice ribbed rubber sole, or if you were lucky a
well worn smooth one.

Here's a reminder for that Sophie girl

Where have you got to my girl.
Time I had those knickers down and
spanked your bottom soundly

Friday, 18 April 2014

The young dragon

She loved to make you squirm
She was a past mistress as she knew
what it felt like and how to make it
as bad as it could be

All the girls hated her

She put you right where she wanted

Legs apart young lady, brace yourself
for the cane

I love reminding you Janice

The strap covered a good area

The old dargons 'dragon'

Keep that gymslip up

Well out of the way, your getting a dozen this time

Right over

Lets have that bottom where I can get to it

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A work in progress

Bent double she waits the next

Just for Janice

A series to bring tears to your eyes Janice
Remember this??

Bottom bared and bent

The strap does it's teaching task

After you rub and rub

It always left a very tender bottom

Each to their own

When she was good

She was very good and play was indeed a pleasure

Six cold cuts for Claire

This was what she got when she really crossed
that line I had clearly drawn.

Well Janice??

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Those leather implements

As Janice will tell you.
the strap, belt, tawse were pretty wicked implements
of correction and still are old as you are now

They still make you yelp when they need o be applied

Daddy's leather belt always left it's marks