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Friday, 18 April 2014

The young dragon

She loved to make you squirm
She was a past mistress as she knew
what it felt like and how to make it
as bad as it could be

All the girls hated her

She put you right where she wanted

Legs apart young lady, brace yourself
for the cane

I love reminding you Janice

The strap covered a good area

The old dargons 'dragon'

Keep that gymslip up

Well out of the way, your getting a dozen this time

Right over

Lets have that bottom where I can get to it

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A work in progress

Bent double she waits the next

Just for Janice

A series to bring tears to your eyes Janice
Remember this??

Bottom bared and bent

The strap does it's teaching task

After you rub and rub

It always left a very tender bottom

Each to their own

When she was good

She was very good and play was indeed a pleasure

Six cold cuts for Claire

This was what she got when she really crossed
that line I had clearly drawn.

Well Janice??

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Those leather implements

As Janice will tell you.
the strap, belt, tawse were pretty wicked implements
of correction and still are old as you are now

They still make you yelp when they need o be applied

Daddy's leather belt always left it's marks

Boo Hoo

That should teach you my girl

Monday, 14 April 2014

It was simply to be expected

Disappoint, disobey, disrespect and you knew
just what to expect
The strap was a common implement of correction

Certainly in my youth it was

Both at school and in the home.

Recreating earlier times

Corporal punishment was just that way it was done
From a strapped bottom for a disobedient maid
to a full blown public flogging

Recreating those school days

Well with a bit of added imagination
Those tartan skirts are still available

With white girly cotton knickers and
some white knee socks they make a
very pretty picture indeed

Of course as you well know they are
protection from a well aimed strap

Puts a tingle in your tail

The only way

Used to hurt didn't it Janice

Friday, 11 April 2014

That old cow at school

She knew just how to put a girl in her place,
usually bent over bottom bared
When she used a strap it vibrated through your
whole body

Afterwards there is a sensation you love to repeat
now your all grown up

Lessons to remember

You took your punishment, it hurt but
you loved it when you had endured
The satisfaction

Rubbing those tender cheeks
and feeling your pussy wet


OTK spanking can of course be a pleasure too
Her face tells it all

The school scenario

Often liked by many women as it gives them the
opportunity to dress up a little
I know the cane was never really used on girls in
this way but now your grown up we can do a bit
of creative reminiscence.

Mmmm a suitable look

Skirt up and knickers down

Yes it hurts, it's meant to. A few tramlines for a
few days to come

The cane

Always a feared implement
It still is for many sub women

However it is a need for many and something they
find pleasure and satisfaction in getting

Again the traditional pose bending over is often

The traditional position

Always the best. Bent over presenting her bottom
for the cane, she fears it yet needs it nevertheless

Thursday, 10 April 2014

He knows what she needs

She loves him for doing it


The adrenalin ran when you knew what was to happen
Still does and that's why you love it so much

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Ooo Sophie

Must have been very naughty.
He pulled your knickers down

Now which hand is he using?

Ouch! You felt each and every one of those

That's it a good rub now

Next time remember